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Joe Diamo is a highly accomplished drummer, percussionist, pianist and vocalist. He works regularly as a solo artist; in duos with many fine musicians (as drummer and pianist/vocalist); and in quartet and sextet settings as a drummer with the legendary pianist Joe Bonner.

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Joe at the piano.

Night and Day

The Lady is a Tramp


"Joe, I love the way you play ... you play with a lot of intelligence. You're a great drummer. You swing your____off!"
– Joe Bonner, Jazz Legend, founder of Current Events and The Bonner Party. Former pianist with Freddie Hubbard, Pharoah Sanders, Max Roach, Roy Haynes et al.

"You're a great drummer, like Paul Romaine but more modern."
– Kim Stone, bass player with The Rippingtons.

"I have never seen a drummer like you Joe, that's the truth ... now I know the difference between a good drummer and a great one!"
– June Timmermann, Grand Lake Arts Council.

"Your drumming talent is without question (with me being the head sound man I definitely appreciate a good drummer, and you are one of the best)."
– Sam Radetsky, owner and sound man for the Rock and Soul Cafe.

Attention Jazz lovers, here is the album you've been waiting for. Drummer Joe Diamo, pianist Joe Bonner, and bassist Dan Galasow recorded their fantastic concert ... What this reviewer heard was three top notch jazz musicians putting their extensive talents together in a freewheeling and wailing tribute to American music. This album soars like an eagle, or like three eagles really, and these birds know exactly what their destination is.They arrive there via individual routes, each flying free, yet tied together by a common destination ... harmony.

Harmony of spirit, of talent and of desire to expose their hearts and souls to produce a classic. You will hear drumming, piano and bass solos that are not really solos at all, but instead a meeting of musical minds that defy convention.

It's not often that this reviewer hears a gem like "LIVE AT ENVIE" (the name of the CD). Joe Diamo, Joe Bonner and Dan Galasow have given us a giant diamond in a beautiful setting!
–Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews.