Joe Diamo - Percussionist, Vocalist

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Joe Diamo is a highly accomplished drummer, percussionist, pianist and vocalist. He works regularly as a solo artist; in duos with many fine musicians (as drummer and pianist/vocalist); and in quartet and sextet settings as a drummer with the legendary pianist Joe Bonner.

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Audio Sample

Joe at the piano.

Night and Day

Drumming Videos

Above are a few excerpts from my TV show, The Jazz World Alternative: The History of Jazz Drumming, on CCTV in Louisville; "9 Vehicles" with Mike Oneill on guitar; and soloing with Boulder Taiko Hibiki with Julia Misawa.

Gentle Rain, performed by the Joe Diamo Combo at Cafe Sole, Boulder, Colorado. Drum solo at 7:15.

Palindrome, an original vehicle for improvisation, by Mike Oneill and Joe Diamo, The Life Review, at The Boulder Piano Gallery.

See Joe's video channel from Freud Media Productions on Vimeo.